• What Sets Us Apart
  • What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Exclusive focus on the U.S. market

  • Conference sessions focused entirely on the U.S. market, from a Canadian perspective.
  • Everyone attending focused on the U.S. market.

High-level, cross-sector content

  • Discussion at a high level, in order to identify strategic options, prevent costly mistakes, and encourage bold thinking. 
  • Not a workshop about hands-on, day-to-day operations.
  • Content applicable across business sectors and not limited to a specific industry, making this event very complementary to attending annual gatherings of just your own industry.

Target audience consists of owners and senior executives at small and medium size enterprises

  • Content aimed at owners, CEOs, CFOs and heads of marketing and sales of small and medium size enterprises in Canada.
  • Benefits for both those already doing significant business in the U.S., as well as those in the early stages of business development in that market. In either case, take-aways are about expanding from the current position. It’s about what comes next, in terms of both strategy and financing.

Networking a key component

  • Excellent and numerous networking opportunities, enhanced by our efforts to identify and connect attendees with similar interests and valuable experiences to share. 
  • Equity investors and lenders in the room, who are interested in small and medium size, Canadian enterprises expanding in the U.S. market.