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Registration includes two breakfasts, two
lunches, two end-of-day receptions, and free parking.

Special offer for small and medium size enterprises and private equity firms:

We are offering special, reduced registration rates for senior executives of qualifying small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and for those in private equity.*

One or more attendees from the same qualifying SME or private equity firm:

 Full Rate
1st attendee$1,395
2nd attendee$1,225
3rd attendee$895
Three attendees$3,515

*To qualify for the special rate, you must be:

  • an owner, CEO, CFO, head of sales and marketing, or other senior executive at a business that:
    • Has fewer than 500 employees;
    • Is headquartered in Canada; and
    • Is not:
      • in the business of offering legal, accounting, financial, consulting, brokerage, marketing, information technology, recruitment, logistics or other services to Canadian companies, related to trade and investment with the United States; or
      • a government entity


    • a partner, managing director, vice president, or principal at a private equity firm, or a qualified investor.

All other attendees:

Full rate

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Cancellation Policies:

Should you be unable to attend this event, we require notice in writing on or before May 25, 2015 at 5:00pm, ET. Cancellations made after this date will not be eligible for a refund. All cancellations are subject to an administration fee equal to 50% of the invoiced purchase price.

Your registration may also be transferred to another individual at the same company at no charge. Should you wish to transfer your registration to another person, please inform us by email, a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event. Please be sure to include the following details: Name and Title of Attendee taking your spot, Company, Company Address, Direct Phone Number, Email Address, Name on Badge, and Company Name on Badge. In lieu of cancellation or transfer to another person at the same company, you may request a full credit for the amount paid to be applied to a future event, produced by Bivio Events Inc.

If, there is an occurrence beyond its reasonable control such as major, anticipated or actual weather-related disruptions, natural disasters, acts of war, insurrection and terrorism, as a result of which it is reasonable to reschedule, Bivio Events Inc. may, without penalty, reschedule the conference to a date no later than September 30, 2015. In such event, should you be unable to attend this rescheduled event, we require notice in writing on or before 5:00pm, ET, twenty-two (22) calendar days prior to the commencement of the rescheduled conference. Cancellations made after that date will not be eligible for a refund. All such cancellations would be subject to an administration fee equal to 50% of the invoiced purchase price.

If for any other reason, Bivio Events Inc. cancels or reschedules this conference, or in the event of an occurrence beyond its reasonable control, as described above, reschedules this conference to a date after September 30, 2015, you will be entitled to a full refund of your conference fees, without deduction of any administrative fees.

In the case of any cancellation or rescheduling, regardless of the reason therefor, the liability of Bivio Events Inc. shall be limited to reimbursement of the conference fees paid.

Bivio Events Inc. reserves the right, with reasonable notice, to otherwise make reasonable changes to the program dates, agenda and venue and assumes no liability for any such changes.

Use of electronic recording devices: Please note that the use of any electronic recording device of any kind is strictly prohibited during sessions.