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Stephen Granovsky

Stephen Granovsky, Grano Retail Holdings, CEO & Principal

CEO & Principal

Grano Retail Holdings

Stephen Granovsky is the CEO and principal of Grano Retail Holdings, a firm he founded with partners Lawrence Pollack and Naomi Levinson, to acquire merchandising businesses with significant turnaround or growth opportunities.  Stephen is currently also CEO of Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, a Grano portfolio company that owns Samuelsohn in Montreal, and Hickey Freeman in Rochester, New York.  Until 2007, Stephen was President of Karabus Management Inc., one of North America’s leading retail consulting firms.

Grano and its principals have owned and restructured several business including Pindoff Record Sales (a multi divisional wholesale, retail and production business) before entering the menswear business with its acquisition of Samuelsohn in 2010.  Since the initial acquisition, the Grano menswear portfolio, under Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, has grown almost fivefold and is now the largest manufacturer of luxury tailored clothing in North America.

Stephen is the founder of Kids Autism Network, a small private fundraising charity for children with autism. He is also the father of 3 children.


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