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Joy Nott

Joy Nott, Canadian Importers and Exporters Association, President


Canadian Importers and Exporters Association

Joy Nott is President of the Canadian Importers and Exporters Association (I.E.Canada). Joy brings over 25 years of experience in customs compliance to the I.E.Canada team. She started her career in Montreal and worked for over 10 years for well-known customs brokers/freight forwarders, giving her hands on operational experience.

Prior to joining I.E.Canada, Joy was a Vice President and Managing Consultant for JPMorgan Global Trade Management Services, based in the Toronto area, and specialized in matters of customs and international trade for both Canadian- and U.S.-based clients. Prior to that, Joy was also a Senior Manager with the public accounting firms of KPMG LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP, specializing as a Customs and International Trade consultant. The accounting firm environment provided her with extensive experience related to advising multinational clients in terms of meeting import and export requirements while minimizing costs. Her experience with professional tax and supply chain advisers has given her a background rich in understanding of how customs and trade issues play important roles in developing corporate strategies. Her experience in advising on how matters, such as income tax transfer pricing and customs valuation, fit into complex international restructuring plans, has been key to her success as a consultant.

Joy sits on various committees as advisor to federal ministers and has testified before both the House of Commons and Senate Committees on International trade, on matters directly impacting Canadian importers and exporters.

Joy’s received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal. She qualified as a professional customs broker in 1990, with honours and has also been awarded a “P.Log” designation (Professional Logistician).

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