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  • Jason Sorens

Jason Sorens

Jason Sorens, Dartmouth College, Lecturer of Government

Lecturer of Government

Dartmouth College

Jason Sorens is Lecturer of Government at Dartmouth College. His research has been published in more than a dozen peer-reviewed journals, including International Studies Quarterly, Regional Studies, Constitutional Political Economy, and State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

Jason’s work on regulation across the U.S. shows how states vary significantly in their labor, insurance, occupational, land use, and competition rules, and how states with better policies see more economic growth and migration.

Jason has worked on fiscal federalism across the OECD and on state and local economic policy in the U.S. Along with William Ruger, he is author of Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom, a biennial, book-length publication. The fourth edition of Freedom in the 50 States will be published by the Cato Institute in fall 2015.

Jason received his PhD in political science from Yale University and BA in economics and philosophy from Washington and Lee University.


Speaking session:

Regions rule: How regions dance to their own tune and state governments do odd things.