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Jacqueline Sava

Jacqueline Sava, Soak Wash Inc., Founder


Soak Wash Inc.

Jacqueline Sava is Founder and Director of Possibilities at Mississauga-based, Soak Wash Inc. The company’s primary product line of delicate detergents, also called Soak, is manufactured in Canada. These products are eco-friendly and require no rinsing. They offer a “modern care solution for the laundry you love”, including cashmere sweaters, lacy lingerie, quilts, workout clothes and delicate fabrics.  Soak is currently distributed primarily through lingerie, apparel and craft stores and online. In addition to Canada and the U.S., it is also sold in Europe, Japan and Australia. The company also has a second range of products for fiber care.

Sava has pursued many entrepreneurial ventures from product development consulting (for which she holds Canadian and U.S. patents) to designing knit accessories. One of her recent designs was the winner of the 2015 Business Innovation Award from the U.S.-based, ‘National Needle Arts Association’.

Jacqueline also teaches design strategy at George Brown College and lectures on business development.

Jacqueline has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, as well as an MBA from York University – Schulich School of Business.


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