• Dr. Justin Miller
  • Dr. Justin Miller

Dr. Justin Miller

Dr. Justin Miller, Nanowave Technologies Inc., President


Nanowave Technologies Inc.

Dr. Justin Miller the President of Nanowave Technologies Inc., located in Toronto. Nanowave is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced microwave, millimeter-wave and electro-optic components and sub-systems for custom designed tele-communication and radar systems. Serving the leading suppliers for the aerospace, avionics, defense and communication markets, its products are found in the world’s most advanced airliners, business jets, helicopters, and military aircraft, as well as in electronic warfare and terrestrial radar and communications systems.

Prior to joining Nanowave, Dr. Miller was Vice President of Engineering at Lucas Aerospace Microelectronics Division and earlier, Vice President of Engineering at M/A-COM MA Electronics.

Dr. Miller holds a Masters degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Electronics.


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