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  • Chris Wiegand

Chris Wiegand

Chris Wiegand, Jibestream, CEO



Chris Wiegand, based in Toronto, is CEO and co-founder of Jibestream. Founded in 2009, Jibestream has been pioneering solutions that enhance navigation and deliver real-time information messaging in busy public hubs and private venues, including health care facilities, shopping malls and corporate campuses. The venues it serves are also able to exploit sophisticated capabilities, including real-time marketing, messaging and data mining. Its platforms introduce innovative new mapping, directory and customer-service engagement strategies and solutions.

Jibestream has sold its solutions to various departments of the U.S government, including for facilities at the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Chris is a long-time entrepreneur, with a proven track record of success in both business growth and business transformation.

Chris is also Chair of the Marketing Program Advisory Committee at Centennial College.



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