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Eric Wazana

Eric Wazana, Second Denim Yoga Jeans, Co-Founder and President

Co-Founder and President

Second Denim Yoga Jeans

Eric Wazana is co-founder and President of Second Denim Yoga Jeans, a Quebec-based manufacturer of clothing. The company has one simple goal: To make women of all ages, body shapes and walks of life feel confident, beautiful and sexy. Eric and his brother, Jacob, with whom he co-founded the business, deconstructed traditional denim patterns and fabrics and remade them as a new pair of jeans so comfortable and flexible that a woman could actually practice yoga in them.

Design and product development are done in Montreal and manufacturing is all done at a plant in the Beauce region, southeast of Quebec City. The company’s products are exported around the world and, in the United States, are carried by over 1,000 retailers. All of the company’s 125 employees are located in Canada and sales in the U.S. are handled exclusively by regional sales agents. Successfully finding great sales agents has been key to the rapid growth of Second Denim Yoga Jeans, but there remain regions with the U.S. market, where agents operate differently and it is harder to find those with the right fit.