• Networking
  • Networking

We know you’re here to build relationships – let’s make it happen!

  • Look up other attendees whom you may wish to meet:
    • Click here to search attendees by first or last name, title, company, category, sector, or region.
  • Ask us to introduce you:
    • Come by the registration desk, or stop any of our volunteers – we’re here to help you meet the right people.
  • Come to our end of day receptions:
    • Receptions are a great opportunity to come together with like-minded executives. Come celebrate Canadian SME success and collaborate for expansion.
  • Use our meeting area as a delegate lounge for one-on-one meetings:
    • We’ve set up tables and chairs for this purpose, in the same room where first morning registration took place.
  • Register for a “Meet an Expert” session in the delegate lounge (where first morning registration took place.) If, prior to the start of the conference, you have not set up any of these meetings but would like to now request one, please send us an email, identifying one or more of the experts listed below, with whom you would like to connect for 15 to 30 minutes. We’ll respond as quickly as we can, letting you know of their availability:
    • Judy Bradt, Alexandria, VA-based CEO of Summit Insight and a strategic adviser on U.S. government business for established companies who want to win faster and spend less doing it.
    • Paul Fransway, a Michigan-based lawyer at Dickinson Wright, who specializes in franchise, trademark and unfair competition law.
    • Joe LaMotta, Connecticut-based Senior Director, Fresh, at Daymon Worldwide, with experience in consumables retailing, private brand building, experiential consumer marketing, and retail-driven services.
    • Mary Anderson, President of WBE Canada, which certifies majority-owned, managed, and controlled women’s businesses and then facilitates opportunities for these businesses to meet buyers and get access to bids for corporate contracts as part of supplier diversity programs.
    • Randy Bianchi, Partner-Business Development at Summer Street Capital, a private equity fund in Buffalo, NY., with knowledge of equity and debt financing on the U.S. side of the border.
    • Chris Sheeren, Partner at Huron Capital Partners, which, with offices in Detroit and Toronto, is an operationally-focused private equity firm, investing in lower middle-market companies.
    • Didi Caldwell, Senior Principal, at Global Location Strategies, Greenville, South Carolina. which provides companies with advice on site selection, incentive negotiation and real estate acquisition.
    • Tom Greenwood, President of Factum Partners, providing hands-on solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises for market expansion into Canada, the USA, Mexico, and overseas.
  • Look for useful information on attendee badges. They have colour-coded backgrounds, as follows:
    • BLUE Canadian business that is exporting or has operations in the United States
      GREEN Equity investor, lender, or financing specialist
      YELLOW Media
      BEIGE Conference staff or volunteer
      WHITE All other attendees, including professional advisors, consultants, and service suppliers.
    • Speakers are identified by red ribbons attached to the bottom of their badges.
      Attendees from the United States have a silver star displayed in the top right corner.
      The following functions are identified by coloured dots in the bottom right corner of the blue badges of attendees doing business in the U.S:
      – CEO, Chair, President, General Manager or other senior admin position
      – CFO, Controller, Finance Manager, or other financial position
      – CMO, VP or Director of Marketing, Sales, or Business Development or similar position