• Main agenda being planned
  • Main agenda being planned

Key takeaways are strategy, financing and networking

Expand in the USA tackles many cross-sector issues of major strategic importance, including with respect to dealing with agents and distribution partners; moving goods across the border; putting the right teams in place; cross-border travel and transfers; selling to the U.S government; risks of being sued; cultural differences; selling through retail channels; and many of the under-appreciated factors, which often lead to costly mistakes. In numerous sessions, a wide range of options is presented for small and medium size Canadian businesses to finance U.S. expansion. But likely to draw some of the most positive feedback about the conference is the networking that is facilitated by us, as organizers of the event.

A very full agenda for Expand in the USA has been established, in consultation with a panel of SMEs and experts.

  • 18 plenary and breakout sessions.
  • Five additional sessions featuring informal Q&A with a highly qualified guest and a small number of attendees.
  • Over 70 speakers.
  • Two full days.

Strategic planning topics to be addressed include:

  • Common mistakes made by Canadian firms expanding in the U.S;
  • Adapting to the major differences between doing business in the two countries;
  • Regionalism, significant differences in the business environment, and the need for distinct regional strategies;
  • Selling too the U.S. government;
  • Key issues to consider in establishing or acquiring a US operation;
  • Recent and upcoming legal, accounting, and tax changes, affecting cross-border operations and business investments;
  • Putting the right management teams in place;
  • Dealing with restrictions on cross-border travel and transfers;
  • The challenges of moving goods across the border;
  • Choosing and successfully developing the right agents and distributors;
  • Impact of the more litigious nature of the U.S;
  • Best uses of Canadian and U.S. government assistance at various levels for business development; and
  • Lessons learned in the U.S. market by successful Canadian SMEs.

Financing opportunities to be explored include:

  • Understanding key differences between the U.S. and Canadian financial systems and opportunities for Canadian companies to take advantage of these differences;
  • The interest of U.S. and Canadian equity funds in small and lower, mid-market Canadian firms;
  • Other sources of equity;
  • Criteria and expectations of equity investors;
  • How to seek equity financing for expansion;
  • Borrowing alternatives in Canada and the U.S. to finance U.S. expansion through exports, the establishment of local  operations; or acquisitions; and
  • Sources of financial support from Canadian federal and provincial governments and U.S state governments.

Excellent networking opportunities include the all-day, delegate lounge, two breakfasts, two lunches, four refreshment breaks, and two end-of-day receptions, all supported by our dedicated efforts before, during and after the event, to match attendees by interest and experience.

The agenda is now online and speakers are being announced in September and October. Sign up to request email updates.

The conference is organized by Bivio Events Inc.

For further information, contact:

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