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Expand in the USA conference

The inaugural Expand in the USA conference, in June 2015, focused on strategic planning and financing for small and medium size Canadian companies looking to achieve significant growth south of the border. The event, featuring 70 speakers and 19 sessions, had much to offer, whether companies attending:

  • currently had only occasional U.S. export sales;
  • were actively marketing and selling to US customers from a Canadian base;
  • already had U.S. dealers or distributors in place; or
  • had already opened a U.S. sales office, distribution centre, or plant.

Owners, CEOs, CFOs, and heads of marketing and sales shared their experiences, heard from experts, and made valuable contacts from networking. Attendees gained exposure to new sources of financing and learned how to best position themselves to raise capital to support their U.S. expansion. The conference tackled many cross-sector issues of major strategic importance, including with respect to dealing with agents and distribution partners; moving goods across the border; putting the right teams in place; cross-border travel and transfers; selling to the U.S government; risks of being sued; cultural differences; selling through retail channels and many of the under-appreciated factors, which often lead to costly mistakes. Some of the most positive feedback about the conference was the networking that we, as organizers of the event, made sure occurred for the attendees.

Expand in the USA conferences are productions of Bivio Events Inc.

About Bivio Events Inc.

 We bring business people together to share their experiences and knowledge, gain new insights, cultivate relationships, make deals, and feel part of a unique community.

Conferences are at the heart of our offerings, because they take attendees away from their usual environments and distractions, focus attention for a period of time on issues of great significance, lead to valuable new contacts (both planned and unforeseen), and are excellent for relationship building. We also use electronic media to supplement the impact of these conferences, in order to further promote the flow of information and sense of belonging to a community.

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